If change is what you want, we must encourage your target audience to see, listen, and talk.  Behave creates palatable messages that are easy to swallow by the most unwilling individual.  It’s called Intervention.  This is how we do it:

Interview: The most critical component of what Behave does, involves using your target audience to get answers. Through research such as focus groups, interviews, surveys, or analyzing existing datasets, we identify insights that can be used to evoke reaction.

Intercept: There are so many messages that oppose the objectives of winning over your target audience. Whether those messages are thrown out there by media, their peers, or the “little voices” inside their heads, Behave takes the ball and runs the other way.

Interact: Establishing a relationship with your target audience is key in building trust and confidence in your message. Behave develops platforms for them to experience your message on a more intimate level.