Behave LLC (Behave) is a behavioral communications firm that employs media, technology, and community platforms to achieve public awareness and evoke action.

Change is hard for most people, especially when certain activities or attitudes are ingrained in their daily lives. Behave specializes in using marketing communications tools to promote behavior modification to reluctant audiences that exhibit at-risk lifestyles, habits that threaten the environment, and indifference towards social issues.

Over the past twelve years, Behave has been providing award-winning social marketing programs that promote public awareness for Building Young Entrepreneurs, Dr. Heavenly, Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, Florida Department of Health, Mothers Against Drunk Driving – Georgia state office, Rocket Learning, and others.

From media buying, to production, to public relations, Behave takes an integrated approach to developing campaigns that work. Whether creating marketing materials from scratch, or integrating existing materials into new campaigns, Behave performs seamless execution in the market.

What is behavior modification?
The American Psychological Association defines behavior modification as “the systematic use of principles of learning to increase the frequency of desired behaviors and/or decrease the frequency of problem behaviors.”

Campaigns propelling initiatives that address addiction or habitual nature have to be more than just clever, rather based on and understanding of how people learn and sound insight on what affects and shapes their behavior.

Behave works with government agencies, non-profits, service providers, community interest groups, and others to deliver critical messages that could be life-changing – and even life-saving.