Grey Introduces Behave

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I have always known I wanted to do much more than just market products, but had a strong desire to serve the greater good with my talent and my business.  In that, I would like to introduce my new baby – Behave.

Behave is a communications firm specializing in outreach to those who exhibit addictive behaviors, at-risk lifestyles, habits that threaten the environment, and indifference towards policy and issues.  The starting client line-up includes Beauty Recycles and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  In addition to serving the needs of clients, we are also developing branded technology solutions for the public that address major social issues, as well as doing a quarterly donation drive to support under-funded charities.

I’m ecstatic about this new beginning and glad that I can share it with you.

Change starts as a thought and grows into action. Plant a seed.

– Lakeitha S. Grey, CEO

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