Avant South at Georgia Tech

Georgia Institute of Technolgy

Avant South at Georgia Tech showcased the best of technology, innovation, and creativity. From pioneers who have paved the way, to explorers now charting the path to the future, thought leaders gathered to share their experience, expertise, and insight. For its inaugural year, Avant South at Georgia Tech explored Artificial Intelligence and the importance of creating AI responsibly. The journey began on Day One with the Street Innovation Showcase – a free interactive showcase of AI demonstrations from Georgia Tech and its partners in the courtyard of Coda. The full conference experience commenced with Southern Hospitality – an over-the-top opening reception packed with networking opportunities and entertainment beneath the stars on the rooftop of Coda. Day Two, Avant South at Georgia Tech presented the vanguard for Artificial Intelligence at the Fox Theatre.

Behave was responsible for programming wherein secured Tom Gruber, Co-Creator of Siri, Jonnie Bradley, AI and Cathy Baxter of SalesForce.

Institute Communications elected to handle Public Relations efforts and Georgia Tech publications/properties directly. Behave implemented a media buy of $39,315.03 which included: digital billboards, targeted mobile ads, direct email, AJC.com, Spotify, and LinkedIn.

The target audience consisted of c-level professionals, mid-level professionals, young professionals, tech enthusiasts, culture enthusiasts, and alumni. The overall campaign delivered more than 5.9 million impressions with a $6.66 CPM (cost per thousand). The event was attended by 231 participants in its inaugural year.