Rock the Ribbon

DeKalb County Board of Health

Behave LLC was brought on board to develop, plan, and coordinate a large scale event for the DeKalb County Board of Health’s World AIDS day observance in 2021. The Rock the Ribbon Festival is a community event to promote HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and support in observance of World AIDS Day. On site HIV testing and COVID-19 vaccinations were offered with gift card and cash incentives. 

Scope of work included development and dissemination of marketing messages through multiple marketing platforms; coordinate all vendors including audio visual, talent, speakers, food/beverage, and community partners; create event branding materials and website; social media activations; provide periodic progress reports, and maintain event budget.  Behave also identified presenters to share their survival stories

The department was on tight time constraints due to late posting of RFP and the event had to be executed with less than a month’s time. Behave successfully executed the event on time and together with the department, were able to test nearly 200 attendees for HIV and educate over 400 citizens. Photos and footage of this event can be found here: